May Day 2023

By chance and circumstance, I ended up marching alongside the PNW People Over Profit / Anti-APEC contingent in last Monday’s May Day demo. They’re a lively and highly organized coalition of young activists affiliated with @ilps.seattle.tacoma@anakbayanseattle@gabriela.usa@resist.seattle, and @internationalwomensalliance, and carried themselves with infectious energy and what felt like a very real ethic of care.

I’ve seen BAYAN and ILPS flags in protests before, but I must admit that I wasn’t aware of the breadth of this transpacific movement beyond the little I’d gathered from Bambu’s lyrics.

Listening to their speeches and reading their flyers clued me in; this is a whole antipode of global “otros” and a countervailing force in this city that I just did not know existed.


I- am down to rally.
I-I will call you family
Cause I- will take a bullet
for my comrade gladly.

x x x x x

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