Transit Equity Day: RR x TRU

I want to use this last post of a gorgeous bus stop from my time in California as an opportunity to ask for your financial support of @RidersRightsLB.

Next Saturday is #TransitEquityDay, and, to coincide with this occasion, the #Seattle Transit Riders Union has launched a crowdfunding campaign to support a mutual aid initiative that RR is coordinating in #Lebanon. I’ve put a link where you’d expect to find it on my profile.

Please consider supporting mobility justice in Lebanon during an extremely difficult economic and political time there.

The parallels we are drawing between our two very different contexts are deliberate. Rosa Parks and others taught the world that mobility justice stems from social justice. This is a lesson RR drew direct inspiration from when challenging technocratic models of transit reform in our country. Today’s campaign is a small example of what true north-south solidarity could look like across all spheres of every struggle, and your support is invaluable. Thank you.

“Revolutionary urbanists will not limit their concern to the circulation of things, or to the circulation of human beings trapped in a world of things. They will try to break these topological chains, paving the way with their experiments for a human journey through authentic life.” (‘Situationist Theses on Traffic,’ Guy Debord, 1959)


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