Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History.

Imagine with me a city with a major transnational logistics provider and several data-mining enterprises wielding astronomical levels of computing power amongst themselves, pooling resources to, I don’t know, maybe help with tracking vaccine doses per medical provider per neighborhood—avoiding false moral dilemmas around “cutting in line” when there are no lines to cut in a spiraling rhizome of geographically-zoned inoculation not that many degrees more advanced in logic and efficiency and care than Balto and his sled—rather than wasting their time trying to stop their employees from unionizing instead.

No, but seriously though, imagine with me whole neighborhoods vaccinated in wave after wave of data-driven public health administration rather than throwing out hundreds of doses a day because everyone thinks they’re doing the right thing but no one knows what’s going on.

Imagine that there is no mismatch between the infrastructure that pipes a dozen documentaries about the end of the world into our living rooms and the effective means to end this pandemic.

We have data, yes, data everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

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