New Year’s Eve, 2019

You’re probably sick of my rituals by now, but decades don’t come by every day, and there’s something satisfying about symmetry—it’s almost 2020, and just like in 2010, I’m standing at the threshold of something that feels new and energizing. I’m excited to step into this confluence, but I want to do so with a lot more intention & mindfulness than I ever have before.

I’m not usually one for New Year’s Resolutions, but I have some in mind this year. I have goals, but more importantly, I seek an orientation. I want to “face up” to this future; à faire face—one of my favorite expressions for almost two decades, & one that I constantly come back to with fresh eyes.

That’s why I’m marking #TwentyTwenty with Twenty Weeks of Gratitude; I invite you to do the same. In my case, I’m reflecting on the people and places that helped propel me to this junction in my life. I’m taking my time with this, because I want to open up to the nonlinear possibilities of a grateful stance, and not just make lists.

But I‘m likely to name names. I’ll try not to embarrass you; there’s just things I think you should know.

Happy New Year. Happy New Decade. We’re in this one together.


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