Seattle Signs & Wonders

It’s always creepy when a city plays to stereotype. On any given morning in Beirut, you will hear someone playing Fairouz; in Seattle, you’re going to expect Nirvana or Pearl Jam on the radio at some point. Maybe you’d expect Kurt Cobain’s name to come up in conversation, probably in a story from the old-timer wearing that original In Utero t-shirt from way back when.

But only in your most morbid fantasies could you think that one day, you’d meet and hang out with the former police detective who was at his death scene. The best part is that this guy is in the photos that you can easily find online right now, and they’re just as spooky as you’d imagine.

(And in the latest of a series of signs and wonders, tonight I learned that Mr. Joe Talbot of IDLES sports the letters “J,” “A,” “D” & “B” in four quadrants in the shape of an X on his left tricep, just above the elbow. Well done.)

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