Domesticity: 20 Weeks of Gratitude, Week 14

Part 1: The Grandview I’ve not been able to shelter much in place during this crisis, but every time I get the chance to stay home, I enjoy the domesticity. To have this place to take shelter in as my work hours begin to stretch longer into the night—to still afford to make rent when many will not, come April Fool’s—is a privilege I don’t take for granted. It’s not just that I’m grateful to be housed; I actually love this apartment on the edge of Amazonia. I love our high ceilings and these walls of some mystery blend of … Continue reading “Domesticity: 20 Weeks of Gratitude, Week 14”

Say Hi to Riley!

This adorable ball of fluff is Riley, our rambunctious little rescue from the @seattleanimalshelter. Someone found this kitten in the jaws of a coyote (!) somewhere in North Seattle; thank goodness, that blasted rascal dropped her and scurried away.. 😾 I’m a sucker for stories like that, but I was already in love with her long before I even heard about her heroic escape. She’s been with us for a couple of days now, and her sweet and spunky personality is really showing. Our much older kitty likes her too! It’s incredible how quickly they’ve adapted to each other… So … Continue reading “Say Hi to Riley!”