We Are One

This past Saturday, I went through a rite of passage called reception, in which I was made a formal member of the Episcopal Church and the global Anglican Communion.

There were hundreds of us there, milling about St Mark’s Cathedral, with lots to remember and do; and still, I couldn’t help but notice these vibrant and intriguing paintings lining the back walls of the sanctuary. There was something almost liturgical about them; I made a mental note to come back and get a better look.

The last time I saw artwork in this space, I had just arrived to this country; it was quite fitting that the exhibit was serendipitously about the Middle East. Today, it seems equally fitting that @lcpitrefineart’s works are telling Seattle’s story—a story of migration and displacement, assimilation and resistance, erasure and resilience—as I am being grafted into this new family…

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