Chase the Light ’23

Last Sunday, I took part in a global photography event for the first time, one that helps raise funds for @photocenternw. People had 48 hours to “chase the light” and submit their photos for inclusion in a pop-up exhibit and sale. I didn’t realize it on Sunday, but this time last year I was sharing my very first explorations in film photography, posting the results of a randomized photo walk (literally- I used @randonauticaapp) I’d set myself, trying expired film and an old APS-format Canon someone had gave me. So yeah – a lot has happened in a year!

Without a theme or artifice to work within, I wasn’t very inspired last Sunday, but I took a few pretty pictures like this one as I was finding my groove. What I ended up with by the end of the night, however, looked nothing like this.


I submitted five of these shots to @photocenternw‘s CHASE THE LIGHT event, and they selected the first one for the print pop-up. I hadn’t intended on taking any of these- Christine and I were at this “barcade” to see @velvet.sqrew, and I’d figured that I might get some cool concert shots, but as soon as we walked in, my breath was taken away by the light streaming through the windows. We hadn’t even planned Christine’s look- she just blended in *perfectly* with the neon glow. Let me tell you, I rode a high for the rest of the night. Thank you, Christine, for being my muse!


“Yeah, I’m gonna be alright-
I see the light (I see the light)
So, I’m gonna be alright-
I see the light.”


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