Doing Photography

I never intended to actually start “doing” #photography when I first started posted those little excerpts from Sontag and Barthes all those months ago, but here we are, featured in @anna.s.snapshots‘s Issue 3 of Plastic Perspective. It’s a portrait of Christine that I took on my very first roll on my #Holga135 at just the right moment, in just the right light. It’s all kind of surreal.

And here we are playing photographer and model. I’d be cringing if I weren’t so grateful for Christine’s steadfast support, encouragement, and patience as I turn her into guinea pig slash muse for this strange new hobby that’s overtaken me.

And overtaking me is not an easy feat. There’s an inner tumult of doubt and insecurity within me that can very often turn into bitter loathing; it’s a roaring vortex that has sunk many dreams.

Even today, the sirens sung to me that acid shanty of doubt as I played the role to bring you this little missive about a tiny accomplishment. “Give up,” “grow up,” “let it go.” But no.

I want this. Christine wants this for me. So I’ll do it. Even if for no other reason than to spite my inner critic.


Christine tells me that a lot of my photos show people in isolation with a touch of melancholy.

x x

Assorted November scenes on very, very, VERY expired #konicajx400. You might remember this same film stock from a few months back. Just look at all that irradiated material! yum yummm

This roll might have come from the late 90s but the shots themselves look like they’re some post-apocalyptic future. I love the look so much I didn’t want to tinker with it in Lightroom. Garbage in garbage out, baby!


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