A Fire is Lit: Concert Photography

This was my first time attempting to take anything more than smartphone snaps at a concert, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. Bar House wasn’t what I expected. It’s a great space but a little difficult to navigate with a chunky camera. I found it almost impossible to capture the frenetic energy from my cramped vantage point, so I’d assumed that most of my shots would have to be scrubbed off my SD card at the end of the night. But when I scrolled through them later, sitting by Fremont’s Lenin statue, I realized that much of the blurry chaos I ended up with was its own kind of beautiful. What the space lacked in terms of standard spatial convention, it more than made up for in mood. The fact that everything was lit the same way meant that contrast between audience and stage was difficult to maintain, but it also meant that I could see all the way to the back and really vibe with everyone there. I think this made it a paradoxically perfect place to try this out for the first time.


A fire is lit
in our fervent

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The concert was delayed because two of the speakers had been blown out during rehearsals, so there was a lot more hanging around than normal, which meant many interesting photo ops as well.

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These are @lacabrametal & ReKreator at @barhouseseattle last night, where the vibe was just as intense and welcoming as my last time. You may not believe this, but I was not, in fact, planning on going to two gigs across the street from each other on the same night, but my new metal buddy @moonlanding.vid had the hook up and I couldn’t resist. We met at Batushka’s show last month, the first gig where I actually talked to someone in, idk, years? This whole time, I’ve been blissfully unaware of just how friendly the black and heavy metal scene is in this city. That’s not how I remember it being in Lebanon!


This is the unstoppable @kulturshockband at @nectarlounge last night, 11.12.22.

This is also 999th post. Third I’ve seen them live. First time with a chunky camera.

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