Full Moon in Leo

Today, the moon is full. It’s gliding through an area of the sky that people decided to call “Leo,” a fiery archetype of bold action and expression—AND my ~progressed~ sun sign. What does that mean? TL;DR: while this watery baby may be ruled by the penumbral queendom of La Luna, his destiny, so it seems, is to go forth and make lasting peace with the garish day of Sol.

And so, after some arm-twisting and encouragement from fellow travelers around the sun, I take my first steps out from the shadows: I’ve shared a “portfolio” of sorts on @dislocution and want to direct your gaze towards what I have to offer at spinterior.dislocution.com in particular.

Water takes the shape of whatever container it finds itself in, and this shape feels right for me at this particular juncture in time. If you’re a writer or a creative who would like a pair of misty eyes looking over and tending to your work, don’t hesitate to say un deux trois soleil.


This beautifully composed image was taken by @blackhausart as part of her very recent tarot reading—one I’d asked for on impulse, tapping out my query into this phone as I hustled between buildings at work. I asked about the steps I’d be taking leading up to and jumping off from the symbolism of today—this Full Moon in Leo—hoping for some insight into the challenges I may end up having to face.

I kept it relatively vague, and while Annie’s reading was like a soft blanket of blessed assurance, I know for a fact that I would not have let that warmth seep into my heart as confidence and conviction if I hadn’t opened her email on a day when the whole world seemed to conspire to bathe me in light.

From the smallest of compliments, to the gentle care of comradely assistance, to the full blast of direct gratitude—all while my windows dappled me with the very literal and oft-missed life-giving rays of the Pacific Northwest sun—I was hit by the radiation waves of love that welled up as tears as I clicked and scrolled.

It’s rare when a metaphor grows legs and walks among us, living and breathing, talking back to our inner monologues and fixed stories. But it happens. And when it does, the message cannot be ignored.


I made a #SpotifyPlaylist for the Full Moon. It came out at exactly 47 minutes and 47 seconds as per the desktop app, which was not intended but is very very cool. Give it a listen.

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