George Washington, Spider, Esq.

This little guy is George, a gentleman lodger we’ve had in our kitchen window for the past month. We named him George because we first met him as a tiny spider baby on the Fourth of July—you know, like George Washington? Since then, he’s more than quadrupled in size, feasting on dang fruit flies.

I don’t like bugs in general, but we appreciated his help. I watched him attack and devour his prey, sometimes wrapping it up for later when he was too full; I’ve seen how he mended his web, and where we curled up to nap when he didn’t feel like hunting anymore. Over time, I actually became a little fond of his ugly mug, though I was terrified he’d end being a Georgina… 😬 .. We’re pretty sure he’s a European Garden Spider aka Crossed Orb Weaver aka Orangie, and I’m fairly positive he looks like your standard weaver male—but I still couldn’t help but gag at the thought of even more babies. We knew he’d have to move out eventually.

Today was the day. We coaxed him into a jar and set him free in the local Orthodox cathedral’s garden this morning. We’re hoping that he’ll weave a web on their back fence, so we can visit him every now and then. In any case, thank you for your service, George.

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