Earth Week: 20 Weeks of Gratitude, Week 17

Part 1: Lebanon I’ve noticed a pattern on Instagram in the last few weeks; every time I flick through your stories, I see one or two or three or four of you posting images of plant life—wild flowers, potted plants, tree bark, even grass. These little odes to botany come from different countries & diverse people, but they usually share a similar aesthetic: close up, almost reverential, with an air of rediscovered naïveté like “have you ever really seen a leaf, like really really seen a leaf?” It seems that social distancing has brought us closer to our non-human neighbors. … Continue reading “Earth Week: 20 Weeks of Gratitude, Week 17”

George Washington, Spider, Esq.

This little guy is George, a gentleman lodger we’ve had in our kitchen window for the past month. We named him George because we first met him as a tiny spider baby on the Fourth of July—you know, like George Washington? Since then, he’s more than quadrupled in size, feasting on dang fruit flies. I don’t like bugs in general, but we appreciated his help. I watched him attack and devour his prey, sometimes wrapping it up for later when he was too full; I’ve seen how he mended his web, and where we curled up to nap when he … Continue reading “George Washington, Spider, Esq.”