#LilWatan in Seattle

Today I visited Kurt Cobain’s memorial bench, in a park by his old house, to break the late morning quiet with a song in support of @mashrouleila & @_lilwatan.

The experience was a lot sweeter than I expected; I saw two other “pilgrims” paying their respects, and the neighbors seemed totally fine with a bunch of sentimental weirdos milling around the area. Yeah, I wore flannel.

I walked up to what I figured was number 171, and saw a hummingbird hovering by the gate, looking straight at me. I want to think that it was Kurt’s spirit saying “hey.”

After doing my thing and walking back to a number 2 bus stop, the church’s clock tower across the street started chiming—eleven bells for eleven o’clock, or 9PM Beirut time. That’s when Mashrou’ Leila was supposed to play Byblos Festival—before Christian Nationalists in Lebanon sent death threats and shut them down. I want to think that it’s all connected.

Salamat, Kurt. Salamat, Beirut 🙏


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