The Music Scene: 20 Weeks of Gratitude, Week 4

Part 1: El Hal Romancy Let’s talk about a concert in Byblos. Yeah, that concert; the one where Lebanon’s biggest indie band, Mashrou’ Leila, was banned from performing for a meme—for basically nothing. That episode seems almost comical now, with all that’s happened in Lebanon since. Here they are playing at the original T-Marbouta in 2008. Is it too hipster to say that I remember them when they were nervous boys playing their butts off for free? With every album drop & NPR Tiny Desk performance, it’s easy to forget how unlikely this band’s success was; how prophetic they sounded; … Continue reading “The Music Scene: 20 Weeks of Gratitude, Week 4”

#LilWatan in Seattle

Today I visited Kurt Cobain’s memorial bench, in a park by his old house, to break the late morning quiet with a song in support of @mashrouleila & @_lilwatan. The experience was a lot sweeter than I expected; I saw two other “pilgrims” paying their respects, and the neighbors seemed totally fine with a bunch of sentimental weirdos milling around the area. Yeah, I wore flannel. I walked up to what I figured was number 171, and saw a hummingbird hovering by the gate, looking straight at me. I want to think that it was Kurt’s spirit saying “hey.” After … Continue reading “#LilWatan in Seattle”