#Route101: Florence / Crescent City

The first stop on our #Route101 road trip was supposed to be the famous Sea Lion Caves, but when we arrived, we were told that the tours had been cancelled because of the storm. We were a tiny bit disappointed because the weather seemed fine at that point. But, sure enough, by the time we were done circling the gift shop, it started getting a little uhhh blustery out there.

By the by, does anyone know why #FujifilmSusperia400 often has a pronounced green tinge in the shadows? I really like it but I’m curious how and why it happens. Total matrix vibes in these.


By the time we arrived here, the deluge had begun. I tried to take a couple of photos as we darted in and out of our motel, but I could barely see through the viewfinder. An adjacent 24/7 diner didn’t even have enough staff to stay open, so we dried off at a nearby brewery where it seemed everyone in town had gathered too, then called it a night.


The morning brought some respite, so we walked along the waterfront. But we had a schedule to stick to that Christine had delighted in piecing together (with a binder and everything), so we very quickly hit the road again for the next leg of our #Route101 adventure.


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