#Route101: Klamath / Coos Bay

This little Paul Bunyan-themed #Route101 attraction is a perfect apéritif to this vast stretch of Redwood Highway wilderness, especially if you’ve never seen or touched a Redwood before, like me. I’m not a fan of heights either, but the skyways were absolutely breathtaking in the best kind of way with just the right amount of “adventuring” for my tastes. I don’t want to come across as California-woo but just being around and breathing in these giants felt soothing to the soul.


 Our New Year’s Eve morning actually started here, and it actually started a little rocky too. We’d pushed ourselves quite a bit throughout this epic #Route101 road trip, and I guess we were pretty spent by this final stretch and didn’t wake up as our best selves.

I remember being mad as hell while taking this first photo and thinking how ironic it was that the light looked so cheery; I very consciously wondered how I’d feel when I saw these developed weeks later. Luckily, our mood lifted with a heart to heart soon after, which turned the whole day around, and maybe even reoriented my whole year to come.

So, when I look at these photos now, I see myself standing at the threshold between an inner doom & gloom and a future looking so bright. I see how easy it can be to walk across it; just follow that light.


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