#Route101: Olympia / PDX / Lebanon

Olympia was a pit stop and packed lunch break at the start of our #Route101 road trip. This was my second time here but my first time passing through downtown; we’d only visited the state capitol area last time. I think it was just as grey and dreary then too.

These were taken on the same #FujifilmSuperia400 roll I took with me to Bellingham on Thanksgiving break, but for some reason my #NikonN60 auto-wound it after only two shots. I got a film picker to salvage it later and you can see the accidental double-exposure in the last two slides from when it didn’t quite line up exactly the second time I loaded it.


We spent New Year’s Eve and a good chunk of New Year’s Day in Portland, the same city we spent Christmas Day at the start of our #Route101 road trip. I’ve been here a few times; in fact, Instagram reminded me that I was there this time last year too. Hadn’t started messing around with film photography back then though!

These were taken on #Cinestill800T. There’s some weird streaking in some of them and I’m still getting the hang of exposing properly in difficult light conditions, but I really like how this stock adds something otherworldly with its halation.


We took a detour through Lebanon because I really wanted to see this place called “Lebanon,” for obvious reasons. It turned out to be a lot cuter than I’d expected. And, again, in classic me fashion, I was delighted to learn that Lebanon is host to the #47 lodge of the International Order of Odd Fellows. I didn’t know that before coming here.


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