Seattle Womxn’s March, 2019

This morning, I was at the Seattle Womxn’s March with comrades from Seattle DSA, PSL, Socialist Alternative & others, as part of the Revolutionary Feminist Contingent. Just some good, clean intersectional fun, and my first proper demo in this country.

We walked from Cal Anderson Park to the Space Needle, where I secretly hoped we’d all stomp our feet like we used to do back in the day, streaming into downtown Beirut.

Instead, we bumped into a couple of fire-and-brimstone “preachers” denouncing the godless. This would have been a bummer, if it weren’t for the amazing responses from the crowd; one woman followed them around, literally shielding the crowd from their bad energy with her own body, her arms stretched open as she sang over their bullhorns.

As we left for lunch, the last thing I heard was a group of young radicals, probably still in high school, shouting back: “Jesus doesn’t preach hate, Jesus doesn’t preach hate, Jesus doesn’t preach hate, Jesus doesn’t preach hate…”

Yeah, it was a good day.


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