Stand With Pride

My first Seattle Pride has been a good one. A few of us joined St. Paul’s Episcopal Parish for morning worship, then bussed to 4th and Marion where we gathered with the Diocese of Olympia to represent The Episcopal Church as witnesses to #TheWayOfLove.

I knew this Pride was going to be special, because I would be very carefully carrying St. Peter’s beautiful processional banner for the first time. I also knew that something glitteringly spooky was up when I realized that this Sunday would be the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul—the two banners we raised across Seattle today.

But I somehow hadn’t fully understood the attention we’d be getting the whole way; I’ve been to plenty of marches, but this was my first parade. People were lined up to watch us! Some waved, some cheered; a couple of Satanists even threw us a few 🤘🤘 with a smile. Emcees plugged our LGBTQ-affirming denomination as we walked by.

I’m glad we did this. I’m happy my parish brings diverse faces to our diocesan contingent. And I’m proud that we and the other churches marching today greatly outnumbered those who came to deny that #LoveIsLove.

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