Storytelling Strategies: Quote & By-Line

I’d like to interrupt this storytelling exercise I’ve been engaging in for the last few weeks to share an interesting convergence of narrative arcs in my life.

This, here’s an article by @sarahngu, who graciously found space for my oddball story in her long-read on Christians who turned to socialism; if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know my arc was more of a loop-the-loop.

I connected with Sarah through the DSA’s Religious Socialism mailing-list, and though I’ve found myself much less involved with that organization than I’d hoped, way back, two Advents ago, I really appreciated our chat. Sarah’s questions helped me think out loud about a lot of aspects of this journey that I hadn’t fully articulated to myself, let alone to others. To feature at all in this important story is just an extra bonus.

Within pretty much a day, another story that I’ve been telling & retelling in different ways was finally published by the newly-launched @thepublicsource.

It’s incredible just what has been accomplished with this platform since the start of the October Revolution, aka #LebanonProtests, and it’s an honor to be included.

The article features @ridersrightslb & @traintrainngo, and talks about what revolutionary change in the transit sector really means for how we think about who gets to be called an expert & what gets to be seen as infrastructure.

All of this was happening in the context of preparing for and participating in this fantastic workshop, led by @nonwhiteworks earlier today. I’m still processing everything we’ve talked about and learned, but I thought I’d mark the moment, because it feels important.

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