Seattle: 20 Weeks of Gratitude, Week 19

Part 1: #WIP I’ve been skirting around the topic of Seattle’s big, contradictory, & broken-open heart for a while now—pretty much since I moved here. The crisis has brought the different aspects of what I love and what I don’t love about this place in & out of focus, and an overall gestalt has gradually emerged: Seattle is a tender place—tender as in fragile, and sore, and almost too sensitive to touch, but also tender as in loving, and patient, and kind. That second sense of tenderness has bled out into the open during this lockdown in many ways; one … Continue reading “Seattle: 20 Weeks of Gratitude, Week 19”

#GivingTuesday: Cascadia

Today is #GivingTuesday, the global giving movement that started in the US to mark the charitable season post- Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness. This year, consider supporting this little movement that could: CascadiaNow. Why? Because they demonstrate how a wacky idea like reimagining place & identity can be put into practice in this Upper Left corner of Empire, and they do this by being more than just a fiscal sponsor of 20+ grassroots projects with cool swag. They’re fun to hang out with too. If you’ve never even heard of Cascadia, have a look at their website: There are so … Continue reading “#GivingTuesday: Cascadia”

Total Football! #WFC2018

You know what’ll make me post about futbol on social media? A self-governing island British Crown dependency playing a sometime-secessionist North American hipster bioregion. May 31: HALF TIME at the Cascadia v Ellan Vannin World Cup Match (Group A) match, kicking off the Confederation of Independent Football Associations #WFC2018 and the once-every-few-years season when I’m interested in the beautiful game. Also happening: Abkhazia vs Tibet, Western Armenia vs United Koreans in Japan, and Szekely Land vs Tuvalu. June 2: The Cascadia v Barawa World Cup Match (Gourp A) is about to start. You might have heard by now how Cascadia … Continue reading “Total Football! #WFC2018”