#Route101: Eureka, CA to Portland, OR

More photos from my phone of our #Route101 road trip, before I develop my rolls of film. These sum up #EurekaCA to #PortlandOR:

1. Mural in Eureka, CA. I’d like to think that this is the California bear at his government job being a flag.

2. In-N-Out Burger in Eureka where I asked a server “how was the storm for ya” and he gave me a bumper sticker.

3. Mural in Napa, CA. I had the best shrimp and grits here.

4. Mural of SF at a gas station/burger stand in Hopland, CA. This was a bathroom break.

5. Our motel in Coos Bay, OR, where a truck had a sticker asking “have you hugged your assault rifle today” and the housekeeper goes by Leviathan with an x over the i.

6. Giant tapestry at The Tin Thistle cafe in North Bend, OR, where we had the best vegan lunch I’ve ever tasted and drove off with the biggest artwork I’ve ever purchased. We were setting the tone.

7. Woodcut statue of Trump in old town Reedsport, OR. We had no reason to stop here other than to take this picture. We did buy some honey and little piggy cakes at the Sugar Shack though, to make it worth the extra minutes on the clock.

8. Rainbow somewhere in Salem, OR. We saw no less than 5 rainbows that day, which was New Year’s Eve. Funnily enough, none of these rainbows were the most dramatic of our trip.

9. Typical house in the NW/Alphabet district of Portland, OR on New Year’s Day, where we passed messages on to the hawthorns via squirrely emissaries.

10. Window selfie with the other sort of energy I want more of in 2023.


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