An Alright Journey

‎الى اين‎بين النهرين‎بين سطرين‎لا يهم و نمشي ‎الى متى‎سار الفتى‎اين اتى‎لا يهم و نمشي x his is Christine holding a Polaroid we took earlier, outside the USCIS building where I got quizzed on civics, could not recall my social security number, and renounced all loyalty and fidelity to any prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, except that of these United States, so help me God. I like to think of it as an ad hoc aura photo of my total ontological reconstitution in this civil rite of baptism. Blessed be. It was an expedited oathtaking ceremony to get through the backlog of … Continue reading “An Alright Journey”

‘We Won’t Build It’

“We won’t build it.” A statement from Amazon workers in solidarity with #NoTechForICE, read out in front of Amazon HQ in Seattle. Yes, “in the belly of the beast,” as Katie Wilson of the Seattle Transit Riders Union put it, and yes, on #PrimeDay. This was before the delegation attempted to deliver a petition signed by over 200K to @AmazonWebServices’ CEO. They said no… Support migrant justice. Support local businesses. Join the #PrimeDayStrike.

St. Mark’s, Sanctuary Church

I’m proud of the @dioceseofolympia for taking this bold stand of providing “urgent & morally necessary action” to keep a loving and hardworking family from being separated by a cruel and unjust border regime. The Dean of St Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral announced this morning that our “beacon of hope on the hill” will be providing sanctuary to Jaime, as he continues to face the threat of deportation despite having a legal pathway for remaining with his family. Jamie, Keiko and Yoshi have been supported in this long battle by @oneamerica, @church.council, and numerous members of the community, who will continue … Continue reading “St. Mark’s, Sanctuary Church”

Preparing for Takeoff

There’s something that happens just before a dream becomes a plan, or maybe a little bit after that, when a plan is just about to gel into reality but isn’t quite there yet, at that liminal point between the lines of a preflight checklist; something happens akin to stage fright. This is the “dizziness of freedom,” the truly unpleasant kind that reminds one that, just as much as one is free to dream up and shape the arc of their future, one is also very much free to fall short. Waiting around in the liminal place makes everything feel heightened, … Continue reading “Preparing for Takeoff”