Bad Like I Feel: Empathy as Solidarity

The institution that I’ve been dedicating myself to is embroiled in an online controversy, and this is valid and good, but I don’t want to discuss the specifics, as I would be doing so in ignorance of much. I prefer to avoid joining the cacophony of voices talking past and over each other. I do want to discuss some of these voices, though, because if I have skills in anything, it’s in listening for the words that people trip over in the thick of the awful din. I believe that, for most people, the human capacity to imagine worlds at … Continue reading “Bad Like I Feel: Empathy as Solidarity”

Stronger Than Hate

They maxed out the main sanctuary; they maxed out another sanctuary; then they maxed out the basement gymnasium. I later heard that there were hundreds outside as well. This was a real outpouring of love and solidarity, with the participation of the Mayor of Seattle and the Governor of the State of Washington, who both made great speeches. But it was Rabbi Will Berkovitz of JFS who truly floored me. I hope they upload his speech somewhere—I can’t do it justice here. But I will quote one small part; something that many will benefit from hearing today: “Your life matters. … Continue reading “Stronger Than Hate”